"The poetry of earth is never dead"

- John Keats

"Guy Combes is at the forefront of a new generation of wildlife artists." 
- Scott Usher, President, The Greenwich Workshop

"I have no doubt that Guy Combes will continue to contribute significant works of art throughout his career, and will continue to raise public awareness of the need for conservation and protection of endangered species."
-  Marijane Singer, Director, The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum

"Guy has distinguished himself as an artist with extraordinary talent in painting animals and wildlife."
- Jeffrey Whiting, President, Artists for Conservation Foundation

"Guy has achieved international distinction for his wildlife paintings which have been sold and commissioned in the UK, Africa and America.  He has an international following."
-  Simon H. Trapnell, Director, Nature in Art, Gloucestershire, UK

"With great familiarity of the wildlife genre, Rehs Galleries view Guy as a great prospect and talent within the genre."
- Howard L. Rehs, Rehs Contemporary Galleries, New York